The 3rd Training on ” How to use the e-library “

The University of Luxembourg keeps supporting the development of the new E-library. A follow-up third training on ‘How to use the e-library” was organised at the FLP on 5 of August.

11 lecturers attended a half virtual Webinar led by Ms Jevegenija from EIFL who was connected via Zoom, whereas Dr. Perrine, the Liaison Officer of Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance – Luxembourg was helping the participants in the room. The e-library is is an essential tool to strengthen access to knowledge and a concrete tool for teachers to prepare their classes and do research. More training will follow soon!

The E-library is a digital version of a library accessible via internet which gives access to online databases containing books (e-books), academic journals and many other resources such as magazines and newspapers. Visit the webpage of the FLP:

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