Training on Prevention and Anti-Corruption in Houaphan Province

Training on Prevention and Anti-Corruption was organised by ILSTA in cooperation with the State Inspection Authority on 15th-17th January in Houaphan Province.

The co-chaired training by Mr. Khamsone Thepvongsom, Head of the Provincial Inspection Authority and Mr. John Connolly, Director of ILSTA, gathered around 96 attendees and representatives from district and provincial departments of the State Inspection Authority, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Justice, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Lao Women’s Union.

During the 3-day training, experience and lesson learnt on Anti-corruption in regions and international was presented and carried out through group work and case studies by ILSTA’s experts, Mr. Keith Farquharson and Ms. Alina Timus. Moreover, a number of presentations on Anti-Corruption and investigation of corruption cases were presented by representatives from Department of State Inspection and Anti-corruption and Department of Corruption Investigation.

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