Ethics and Integrity Summer School

Promoting a culture of lawfulness starts with strengthening our own ethical values. Twenty-eight students from the National University of Laos completed this first Ethics and Integrity Summer School from 15 – 26 August 2022 at ILSTA’s training facility in Vientiane.

Planned for 2020, but delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Summer School implemented an initiative of the Doha Declaration, Education for Justice (E4J) series of the UNODC, focused on the realisation of SDG 16. The university students were guided through concepts and theories on integrity and ethics in the media, business and government.

It was the first Ethics and Integrity course of its kind in Laos and following its success, the course will be an annual ILSTA training event. It is also ILSTA’s intention to scale the course by presenting it to key government actors and stakeholders.

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