ILSTA’s E-Lecture Series on Legal Topics

ILSTA Supports Online Learning During Country Lockdown through E-Lecture Series and Post-Knowledge Quiz on Legal Topics for Lao Government Officials and Students From 8 September to December 2021.

In order to make the most out of technologies and this current situation, ILSTA is developing a wide range of online learning activities that promote legal education. ILSTA’s virtual learning platform and materials have been customised for target audiences, particularly government officials, legal practitioners and students across the country.

Starting from September 8 onwards, ILSTA has been launching another weekly cycle of E-Lectures Series from which the audiences can learn at home during this lockdown. The E-Lecture videos cover various legal topics such as Money Laundering and the Predicate Offence, Smuggling of Migrants, Human Trafficking, Evidence in Criminal Proceedings, Anti-Corruption, Financing of Terrorism, Crime Types, Financial Investigation and many more. As a means to encourage and support online learning experiences further, the audiences are also provided with opportunities to engage in post-knowledge quizzes after watching the E-Lecture videos and chances to win special prizes from ILSTA.

All Lao government officials, legal practitioners ad students are highly encouraged to join this activity by watching this E-Lecture and take the quiz in our Facebook group, ILSTA E-Lecture Series, via the link below:

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