Online Open Lecture on Evidence in Criminal Proceedings by Dr. Perrine SIMON

ILSTA hosted the first Online Open Lecture! We would like to cordially thank Faculty of Law and Political Science National University of Laos for the support and the help in organising this very first Online Open lecture!

The open lecture on “Evidence in Criminal Proceedings” by Dr. Perrine SIMON from University of Luxembourg on Friday at 10:00-11:00 AM. The lecture dealt with the importance of the evidence in criminal proceedings, the burden of proof, the object of proof, as well as on the admissibility of the evidence. The lecture was hold in English and translated in Lao by ILSTA’s Junior Program Officer Thipphaphone Siphandone. We hosted more than 70 participants. The participants also had the possibility to ask questions and interact with the host of the online lecture.

This special lecture was conducted in the form of a live video call through the online platform called Zoom in which everyone can participate at their home on smart phone, computer or tablet by just downloading an application and filling out this registration form provided on ILSTA’s Facebook Page.

The lectures is free to access and for those interested, there are more Online Open Lectures coming! We will update the information on our Social media pages

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