Workshop for Assistant Judges

ILSTA, in cooperation with ສານປະຊາຊົນສູງສຸດແຫ່ງ ສປປ ລາວ The People’s Supreme Court Lao PDR, is supporting training for 90 assistant judges from all 17 provinces of Laos at the Supreme Court’s Institute for Research and Training in Vientiane. The workshop was opened by the Vice President of PSC, Mr. Khampha Sengdara and Mr. Richard Philippart, President of ILSTA.

The training was focused on international best practices and an overview of assistant judges’ role and responsibilities within different law systems (civil and common law). A comparative approach was implemented when presenting assistant judges’ duties in several countries, taken as examples, stressing differences and commonalities of assistant judges’ role in court.

A special attention was given to case management, evidence storage and archives within courts, and the role the assistant judges have to play within a court for its coherent functioning. Best practices and general rules to be implemented for a viable judicial system were highlighted by experts.

A fruitful exchange between participants and experts followed the workshop. Practical situations, implementation methods and personal experiences were at the core of discussions.  

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