ILSTA in Collaboration with AMLIO Conducts the Workshop on AML/CFT for Reporting Entities

On July 4–5, 2022, at the Muong Thanh Hotel in Vientiane, the Anti-Money Laundering Intelligence Office (AMLIO) of Lao PDR and the Institute for Legal Support and Technical Assistance (ILSTA) held a workshop on AML/CFT for Reporting Entities, including banks and non-bank financial organizations like insurance firms and casinos.
The FATF 40 Recommendations and the most recent National Coordination Committee (NCC) Decision on AML/CFT Measures for Reporting Entities were both distributed during the workshop. A thorough Q&A session was conducted after Mr. Mike Brocklehurst, an ILSTA specialist, gave a presentation on the Know-Your-Customer and due diligence duties of reporting businesses.
This event, which focused on the crucial duties of reporting entities in the fight against money laundering and organized crime, attracted more than 80 attendees.

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