ILSTA Supports the Workshop on the Rule of Law, Administrative Law and Genaral Inspection of Office of the People’s Prosecutors

On the 23rd-27th of May 2022 in Pakse City, Champasak province, The Institute for Legal Support and Technical Assistance, in cooperation with the Office of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor, conducted a workshop on the rule of law, administrative law, and general inspection of the office of the people’s prosecutors. The event was co-chaired by Mr. Keolattana Syhavong, Vice President of the People’s Assembly of Champasak Province, and Mr. John Connolly, Director of ILSTA. This workshop was also attended by the director-general of departments from the Office of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor, Office of Military Prosecutor, Head of Division, and officers from southern provinces, namely Champasak, Attapue, Xekong, and Salavan provinces, with 187 participants in total.

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