Open Lecture on the Right to Fair Trial in Civil Law Cases

In the framework of the Inter-University cooperation between the Luxembourg and Lao PDR, the Faculty of Law and Political Science National University of Laos had the pleasure to welcome Pr. Séverine Menétrey from the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, University of Luxembourg. Pr. Menétrey, expert in Civil Law Procedure, led a four-day seminar dedicated to law lectures that focusing on “The Right to Fair Trial in Civil Law Cases”. She analysed and discussed with the participants in particular with Article 14 ICCPR, the Constitution of the Lao’s People ’s Democratic Republic, and the Lao Law on Civil Procedure.

With the support of ILSTA, Pr. Menétrey also gave an open lecture on the right to fair trial in civil proceedings. The lecture was attended by more than 60 students and teachers from the FLP and NIJ

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