Ministry of Justice welcomes increased support to legal sector from Luxembourg

The Minister of Justice Mr Xaysi Santivong welcomed Mr Claude Jentgen, Charge d’Affairs of Luxembourg, and a delegation from the University of Luxembourg, the Institute for Legal Support and Technical Assistance (ILSTA), and LuxDev to the Ministry of Justice on 25 May. The Minister thanked Luxembourg for its continued and increasing support to the governance sector in Laos, which has grown substantially through recent cooperation agreements.

The University of Luxembourg and the National University of Laos signed an MoU in 2016 to increase cooperation in the field of legal research supported by ILSTA. Professor Stefan Braum, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg, and six PhD students on a first research exchange visit, delivered a series of workshops over three days to lecturers and students at FLP.

“I believe this initial research exchange visit was a great success and we look forward to increased cooperation between our two faculties in the field of legal research. In fact, with this in mind, we would like to bring a number of Lao lecturers to our Faculty in Luxembourg next year to deepen their experience and further enhance their research skills,” said Professor Braum.

Under the Laos-Luxembourg Indicative Cooperation Programme 2015-2020, ILSTA, a partner organisation for Luxembourg’s development cooperation, is delivering specialised training modules to prosecutors, the judiciary and law enforcement officials throughout the country. ILSTA and OSPP are conducting workshops on countering various forms of organised crime and money laundering nationwide over the coming months supported by a major national conference on these global challenges.

Minister Santivong was pleased to welcome the new LuxDev 5 million Euro project LAO/031 “Support Programme for Legal Teaching and Training and to the Promotion of the Rule of Law Concept in Laos“, which is being launched this month and will be jointly implemented by LuxDev and ILSTA over the coming five years. The programme will support the Faculty of Law and Political Science in improving curricula and teaching methodology, as well as further supporting key ministries and educational institutes in the legal sector.


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